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Re-ordering Project
All Saints Church Longstanton
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The Church has been granted approval to make significant internal changes to All Saints' Church here in Longstanton.
The aim of our project, whilst retaining the Churches' historical and spiritual relevance, is to transform the interior of the building by installing toilet, kitchen and a space for fellowship and meetings, all of which will be available for wider community use.

Obviously, we are now keen to move to the next stage of the project, possibly the most challenging, that is the fundraising and preparing applications for grant funding.

You will know that raising funds for any project is a challenging task, especially in the current "austerity' environment". We believe that our desire to modernise and make the church building more accessible and open to the spiritual and practical needs of the wider community, is central to preserving its very existence.

This is by far the biggest and most exciting challenge the church here in Longstanton has faced in its 875 years of being and we are now asking you, along with the wider community, to contribute to ensuring that it remains pivotal to the needs of the whole community for generations to come.

The latest estimated cost of our re-ordering project is about £275.000 and we are hopeful that a significant proportion of this funding will be obtained in the form of grants.

However we will need help. Can you help? Yes you can! Can you make a difference? Yes you can! You can help us make a difference to the Church and our community by contributing to the success of our re-ordering project.

As we embark on our fundraising, we now seek your help by way of a donation, the loan of your skills, your expertise in fundraising, your time or your support in helping us and your prayers as we seek to raise the required funds to complete the Project.

To be successful with our request to grant funding bodies, we need to show a real commitment from within our own local community to our own fundraising for the task.

These are exciting times for us and our church here in Longstanton as we seek to ‘realise the Christian vision' through the modernisation of the building, that will benefit the wider community, as well as retain such a prominent and significant place of worship within our midst, for generations to come.

Your generous donation and support will help us to not only make the Church more accessible to the wider community here in Longstanton but will also preserve the building for many generations to come.