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2018 "If God is your partner, make your plans BIG!"
D.L. Moody

For the ‘Friends of All Saint's Church Longstanton' 2017 was a busy year, and we see no let-up in our busyness as we enter into 2019.

Much of what we have been doing over the past year, would be termed as ‘behind the scenes' activities, dealing with matters associated with the continued upkeep of our church, as well as resolving administrative and technical issues linked to our church re-ordering project.

You will know that the church re-ordering project seeks to make changes within the church building to open it up to growth in Christian worship and community engagement opportunities, thereby renewing its historic connections with the local community and helping to secure a sustainable future for the building.

Making these changes will cost about £275,000! Yes, it's a lot of money, but we believe that, with Gods help and your support, we can do what has been planned, and secure the future of All Saints Church for generations to come.

So 2019 will be about us seeking to renew our commitment and resolve to see through our church re-ordering project plans. It will be about us moving forward, not standing still; about us being creative and visionary, not unimaginative and giving up. It will be about all of us who care, becoming involved and engaged, not just standing back in the hope that it will all just happen!!

Most importantly, 2019 will be about us praying for Gods guidance and direction, so that what actually emerges over the coming year, is of His will and his making.

So as we enter 2019 and seek to re-engage and move on with our church re-ordering project, may we take this opportunity to thank you for your past support, encouragement and generosity and to wish you, your family, partners, friends and pets a very Happy and prosperous 2019.

The Friends.....


For more information about what we are seeking to do at the Church, please click on our ‘Catch the Vision' link.


'Catch the Vision'
 We are looking to make some significant internal structural changes to the rear of All Saints' Church, Longstanton to include installing a toilet, kitchen and meeting facilities for use by the wider community.

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See our home page for an update on plans to make changes to the church building.

'Catch the Vision'

We are seeking with your help to make some significant internal structural changes to the rear of All Saints' Church, Longstanton to include installing a toilet, kitchen and meeting facilities for use by the wider community.

The church remains at the heart of the community whose members see it as a representation of God's incarnational presence in their midst. They come to have their babies baptised, their weddings blessed and their dead buried in the presence of God.

The current population of the parish is around 3100 (and growing) and will be considerably increased as the first phase of the "Northstowe" housing development take place (1500 homes), which will effectively double the size of the village.

We need to cater for the increasing demands placed upon community buildings both in terms of the servicing of spaces and the numbers of people likely to be using them, without losing space for worshippers.

With an ever-increasing local population and the pressure on other community facilities, the need to maintain a place for religious encounter becomes ever more necessary.

We feel our role is as much to enable this encounter to be made all the clearer by enhancing the simplicity of the space for worship without detaching it from the heritage of Christian worship.

An existing parent/toddler group (Mini-Jaffas) meets in church on a Tuesday morning but after a time of worship has to move to the Village Institute because we lack toilet facilities. This is inconvenient and has an element of risk, which we are seeking to remove.

We have organised concerts, exhibitions etc. but the lack of toilet and kitchen facilities makes this a logistical problem reducing their effectiveness.

The Parochial Church Council [PCC] has previously attempted to create facilities external to the church building but, having met an impasse with the local authority, now feel that their best option is to pursue an internal solution to achieve their mission requirements.

• We need toilet facilities in order to improve "accessibility" to the church and to satisfy requirements under the Children's Act.
• We need the ability to serve refreshments/food for up to 50 people to improve the versatility of the building.
• We need additional safe space for our children/young people to meet during church services.
• We need to have a space which can be used for church events and wider community activities including messy church
• We want to achieve this while enhancing the quality of the existing building for worship and reducing "clutter".

If we were to go ahead with the proposed works it would cost in the region of £275.000,which would provide a new kitchen, toilets and fellowship area at the west end of the nave with a gallery above reached via a timber staircase located at the west end of the south aisle.

As part of the project it is proposed that the organ be moved to the east end of the north aisle in the scheme, the font and north aisle east window will be moved to the middle of the south aisle, and the Hatton pew reformed into cupboards in front of the mausoleum in the south transept.

New floor finishes in the vicinity of the works, lowered former pew platforms, a new fitted kitchen and ringing floor in the tower are all part of the project.

The recent Community Questionnaire makes us believe that we have wide public support for our proposals. We have already met with the Diocesan Church Building Officer and developed a Business Plan.

Whilst we do not anticipate the project will generate income, it will enable us to fulfil our mission in a more viable way. However to get such an ambitious project off the ground and adequately funded we need YOUR HELP and SUPPORT to make our vision a REALITY.

As already indicated we are anticipating the cost of the project to be in the region of £290,000.
As well as applying for grants from various bodies (not always easy to obtain), as part of that process we do have to demonstrate that we have the drive and ability to raise funds within the community.

How can you help?

We fully appreciate that in the current economic climate times are difficult for many, but we believe that there are also people who have funds and savings, which could be used to ensure that All Saints' Church has a prolonged future.

If you can offer financial support in any way (however modest), please contact:
Arthur Savage (churchwarden) 16 Prentice Close, Longstanton
John Frost
13 Thatchers Wood, Longstanton, Cambridge.

Further details of our project can be found on our website at: