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Below we list key activities and events that are scheduled to take place over the coming month.

We also list our Church service activities; further details of these events can be seen on our Calendar of Key Events & Dates page.

We're a busy group, which means that things do change frequently, so it's a good idea to take a look on our Calendar of Key Events & Dates page as often as possible to keep up to date. You will also find further details and other useful information within the 'Church' Magazine.

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We are looking to make some significant internal structural changes to the rear of All Saints' Church, Longstanton to include installing a toilet, kitchen and meeting facilities for use by the wider community.

The church remains at the heart of the community whose members see it as a representation of God's incarnational presence in their midst. They come to have their babies baptised, their weddings blessed and their dead buried in the presence of God. Click here for more details of our vision

June 2017 Key Dates & Church Activities

3rd 10:00am - PCC Standing Committee meeting

4th Sunday-Worship (see below for details)
5th 2:00 - 4:00pm - All Saints' Cake Club
6th 10:30am - Mini­-jaffas at All Saints'
7th 7:30pm - Church Bell Ringing Practice
8th 1:30pm - Open the book at Hatton Park School
8th 8:00pm- Bible Study Group in Longstanton
10th All Saints Church - Churchyard Clean-up
10th Prime Brass Concert - Swavesey

11th Sunday-Worship (see below for details)
12th 2:00 - 4:00pm - All Saints' Cake Club
13th 10:30am - Mini­jaffas at All Saints'
14th 7:30pm - Church Bell Ringing Practice
15th 1:30pm - Open the book at Hatton Park School
15th 8:00pm- Bible Study Group in Longstanton
17th 3-5:30 Teddy Bear Parachute Jump & Teas

18th Sunday-Worship (see below for details)
18th 4-6pm-Messy Church Village Institute
19th 2:00 - 4:00pm - All Saints' Cake Club
20th 10:30am - Mini­-jaffas at All Saints'
21st 7:30pm - Church Bell Ringing Practice
22nd 1:30pm - Open the book at Hatton Park School
22nd 8:00pm- Bible Study Group in Longstanton
24th 7:30pm - Cara Concert - St Andrews Church Swavesey [Click for more details]

25th Sunday-Worship (see below for details)
25th 3::00pm - Tea at the Ritz - Church Hall Over
26th 2:00 - 4:00pm - All Saints' Cake Club
27th 10:30am - Mini­-jaffas at All Saints'
28th 7:30pm - Church Bell Ringing Practice
29th 1:30pm - Open the book at Hatton Park School
29th 8:00pm- Bible Study Group in Longstanton

2nd July - Sunday-Worship (see below for details)
3rd 2:00 - 4:00pm - All Saints' Cake Club
4th 10:30am - Mini­-jaffas at All Saints'
6th 1:30pm - Open the book at Hatton Park School
6th 8:00pm- Bible Study Group in Longstanton


June Sunday Worship

Sunday 4th June (Pentecost)
9:30am - All Saints Church - Holy Communion Service
Readings - Acts 2: 1-21 & John 20: 19-23
No Evening Service

Sunday 11th June (Trinity)
9:30am - All Saints Church - All Age Service [No Communion]
Readings - 2 Corinthians 13: 11 to end & Matthew 28: 16 to end
No Evening Service

Sunday 18th June (1st After Trinity)
9:30am - All Saints Church - Holy Communion Service
Readings - Romans 5: 1-8 & Matthew 9: 35 - 10-8
No Evening Service

Sunday 25th June (2nd After Trinity)
9:30am - All Saints Church - Holy Communion Service
Readings - Romans 6: 1b-11 & Matthew 10: 24-39
No Evening Service

Sunday 2nd July (3rd After Trinity)
9:30am - All Saints Church - Holy Communion Service
Readings - Romans 6: 12- to end & Matthew 10: 40 to end

Sunday Worship Styles - Changes to our service pattern

The all age service at All Saints Church Longstanton will be moving to the 2nd Sunday in the month from September. This will mean that there is an all age service available somewhere in the team every week so if you want to have fun with the family in church every week you can.

8.00am - A Traditional Holy Communion Service without hymns from the Book of Common Prayer. This is a quiet, meditative service which lasts about 40 minutes.

9.30am - A more modern service taken from Common Worship and includes singing and hearing more about God's word to us today and how it is still relevant. Our children's Sunday school happens during the service in the rectory at the side of the church and all school aged children are welcome to join in.


The Clergy

The clergy are never too busy to visit you or to discuss pastoral and/or spiritual matters ­ just give them a call.

For any matters relating to our churches please contact one of the churchwardens. For more information about weddings, baptisms or funerals, please contact Revd Julie Anderson, Revd Lynda Davies or one of the churchwardens.

For contact details visit our contacts page

2012 was the 350th anniversary of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, made mandatory by the Act of Uniformity dated 24th August 1662. The BCP is still used on a regular basis in our churches, and if there is sufficient demand we could use it even more - Lets us know what you would like!

House of Prayer  

What is it all about? Read on ...

It is true in my own lives (and possibly yours too) that prayer is not given the priority it deserves. We know prayer is important; We know God hears and answers prayer - but finding the time is not always easy, though that is a rather feeble excuse!

So we are inviting anyone - church member or not - to join with us once a month to pray for the needs of the world, our nation, our community, our church and ourselves. You are invited to come for as long or as little as you wish. There will be formal prayers at 10 a.m. and 10.40 a.m. (lasting about 15 minutes) but there will also be space to offer your own prayers and ask for prayers for yourself or others.

Does prayer work? Come and find out for yourself. It could be the most important thing you do in your life this year!



Prayer Support Group

Monday 12th June -10-11am




OPEN THE BOOK - Hatton Park School
8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th June - 1:30pm
What is "OPEN THE BOOK" Open Book is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear the major stories of the Bible, presented chronologically, during the school year. Click here for more details.


Messy Church

The next meeting of Messy Church is Sunday 18th June 4:00-6:00pm in the Village Institute

Messy Church group takes place on the third Sunday in each month commencing at 4:00pm in the Longstanton Village Institute. All Children and Parents are very welcome to join us for an informal time of singing, games, teaching, craft and food.

This is for you...are you able to help?

Are you able to help? More people are needed to prepare crafts for MESSY CHURCH which takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month (4 - 6 p.m.). We offer six different craft activities and we will provide all materials and instructions well in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare. You will need to make a sample and, if necessary, do some advance preparation for children to make the craft.

It is one way in which we attempt to reach out into the wider community. It can be exhausting, but those of us who have been involved believe that it is important. I hope that you are supporting Messy Church through prayer. However, we would really appreciate more help. Would you be able to transport the crockery and cutlery to and from the church and the village hall? Perhaps you wouldn't mind cutting out shapes for a craft activity while you're watching TV? Or you might like to research craft activities on the internet for us? You could go shopping for craft resources?

Maybe you could supply a dozen cakes or bake a large lasagne or cottage pie. It takes time to set up the village institute, to do the washing up and to tidy up. We'd love you to join us at Messy Church, but even if you can't (or don't want to) any of the above jobs are things you could help us with. It doesn't even have to be a monthly commitment. Maybe you'd like to coordinate offers of help and make sure the jobs are covered.

I would love to hear how you can support us. It would be an encouragement if you can let us know that you are praying. You can contact me (Susan Meah) on 01954-781258 or

See contacts page if you want to get in touch or e-mail




Bible Study Group
All Saints' Church Longstanton & St Mary's Church Over

Bible Study Group - All Saints Church Longstanton

8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th June - 8:00pm 

Bible Study Group - St Marys Over

7th, 14th, 21st & 28th June - 10:30am

Bible study is not for academic study, but an opportunity for us to grapple together with what the Bible says and how we might apply it to our everyday lives. If we believe the Bible is God's word to us, surely we can set aside an hour a week to look at it together?

We will be taking the theme "EVERYDAY GOD". The word "ordinary" speaks of something not particularly exciting or stimulating, yet in our daily lives there are lots of ordinary jobs that have to be done. It is the same in church life: it is great to celebrate our special festivals, but what about those Sundays which are not particularly special, like the 19th Sunday after Trinity?

The truth is this - we spend much of our lives in ordinariness, and the challenge we face is this: how do we experience and appreciate the gems and wonders of everyday existence? How do we encounter God in the ordinariness of daily life?

Join us and let's work this through together!




Mini-Jaffas meetings
6th, 13th, 20th & 27th June - 10:30am
Mini-Jaffas is for parents with pre-school children. Mini-Jaffas meet in All Saints' Church Longstanton at 10.30am. for a short informal time of worship followed by craft activities, related to the theme and refreshments.  This is an excellent way of introducing young children to worship, as well as being a good way of meeting other parents within the local community. Those who have had their children baptised will find this a great way of keeping their baptismal promises. Just turn up and you will be guaranteed a warm welcome at either venue.

What exactly is Mini JAFFA?

Did you know that Mini JAFFA has been running in Longstanton since September 2004?

The name was created to link it to JAFFA Club which ran weekly at Hatton Park School. So what does JAFFA stand for? It is Jesus, A, Friend For All and we wanted to do a version for the pre-schoolers, hence Mini JAFFA.

All Saints' Church building was closed when we started so we initially met in the Longstanton Village Institute. Since the church reopened we start by meeting in the church and then walk down the High Street to the Village Institute for a snack and craft activity.

So what happens at Mini JAFFA? We meet in the space at the back of church near the organ where we sit in a circle with children on the carpet in the middle. We have our own order of service which the children like to help hand out.

We sing praises to God (using nursery rhyme tunes) and accompanied by enthusiastic bell ringing and maraca shaking. We say prayers together and the children respond with a phrase which the older ones are keen to show that they remember each week.

We have a news time when the children have the opportunity to share things that are important to them. We always pray for what has been shared. We have a Bible story which try to get the children to help with, rather than just listening.

We like to celebrate birthdays and the children take it in turn to blow out the candle at the end. Before we go to the Village Institute we have to tidy up, and for the children one of the highlights is rolling up the carpet!

I have a lovely team of people who help prepare refreshments for us. The children enjoy breadsticks and apple, with either water or milk to drink. After eating we do a craft activity which is linked to the story. Obviously as some children are still very little they are usually simple activities and sticking is always popular. We do have a corner where babies can play with baby toys.

Mini JAFFA is a really special group and I do hope that you will pray for the families who attend. It is a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to share Bible stories with young children (often the first time they will hear them) and their parents/carers.

Do also pray for our Mini JAFFA picnic which will take place near the end of term where we get together for a more informal get together and give each of the children an age appropriate book of a Bible story.

If you'd like to know more about Mini JAFFA then please speak to Susan Meah - 01954-781258 or e-mail



8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th June -  Between 10am & 12pm.
Mustard Seed is a coffee shop with a difference and takes place in St Mary's Church Hall, Over on a Thursday morning (10 a.m. - 12 Noon). It is not a church event but is open to everyone from baby to 100+. What we are seeking to achieve is quite simple - a place where anyone can come and have a chat over coffee/tea (served in individual pots) + home-made cake. And if you are lucky we may even have hot chocolate available.

Depending on the week, we also:

• sell locally grown produce (as available)
• sell home-made crafts (usually the 1st Thursday of the month)
• have a selection of 2nd hand books (donations always welcome)
• and there could be more!!

Families with young children are welcome, and we will make more "toys" etc. available should demand increase.

Volunteer help is always welcome - just come along and offer your services.


Church Newsletter
If you would like to receive a paper copy of our Church Newsletter, or what is going on within our wider group of Church [5 Fold Church (Longstanton, Lolworth, Willingham, Swavesey or Over)] please contact us via our website and we will make sure that you are sent a copy. Alternatively, you can find a copy by logging onto 'Latest News' above or e-mailing